About Us

Glenwood Business Centre was established in 1985 as the first Enterprise Agency in Belfast.

The Park comprises of 6 distinct Phases of development.








Total square footage at Glenwood is 70,000sq.ft. 66 Units and 40 businesses employing a total of 300 people.



We try to provide a safe, welcoming and secure centre and professional service for all the local businesses based at Glenwood, encouraging businesses to locate at Glenwood providing a service to encourage the businesses to thrive and grow.


Our current occupancy level is around 80% with some Units available to rent.

  • Phase 1 housing 25 small incubator units with a total of 10,295 square feet.

  • Phase 2 –Units 26 to 35 – houses 10 units totalling 11,400 sq. ft.

  • Phase 3 –Units 37 to 45 – houses 9 units. 10,000sq.ft.

  • Phase 4 –consists of an Administration building and Units 46 to 56. Really it is a Mini Food Park housing 11 units for food manufacturing businesses. 15,500sq.ft.

  • Phase 5 & 6 were built in 2006 with assistance from DETI, IFI, Lisburn City Council and Glenwood’s own capital to develop units for those businesses that were expanding and potential growth companies that had outgrown the incubation premises they previously occupied.

  • These Phases consist of 11 units between 1500sq.ft. & 2000sq.ft and are leasehold and tenants tend to be committed, long-term businesses with a history in the Business Centre. All other Units are let under an easy-in/easy-out tenancy agreement.


Glenwood Offices and Training Facilities,

Glenwood Business Centre,

57-60 Springbank Place,


Belfast BT17 0YU

Tel: 028 90 610311

Fax: 028 90 600929

Email: info@glenwoodbc.com