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Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Board of Directors of Glenwood Business Centre view the Mission of the Company as:

“The generation of small business and employment in the Colin Area of West Belfast”


To facilitate this Mission, the Company, under the guided commitment of the Board seek to:

  • Provide purpose-built workshop accommodation for small businesses in the area.

  • Provide appropriate administrative and training facilities to assist with their development and growth.

  • Provide access to the small business network to provide tenants with financial, marketing, production and technical assistance where appropriate. 

  • Make charges for rent and services commensurate with maintaining the sustainability of Glenwood Business Centre.


The Board of Directors of Glenwood Business Centre are determined to achieve their mission by developing a culture of excellence within the company so that the requirements and expectations of our tenants and the Colin community can be met.

Garry Cullen



Glenwood Offices and Training Facilities,

Glenwood Business Centre,

57-60 Springbank Place,


Belfast BT17 0YU

Tel: 028 90 610311

Fax: 028 90 600929

Email: info@glenwoodbc.com